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Revived and old thread vs starting a new one.

I am 99.9999% sure I am getting a FWX 3/4 for my Sage One 3WT tomorrow
Anyone have any experience with these in the silver finish ? Is it susceptible to dings and nicks easily like my copper evolution ?

Also any opinions on the finish as far as to shiny / reflective ? I can't imagine it is to bad but I'm bored and thought I'd ask.

Since I have Lamson's and Evolution's I want to try something new and this FWX is a beauty at a decent price point ( will save enough $ to buy the fabled Abel nippers hahahahah)
I've had my silver FWX 3/4 for a couple seasons of heavy use....and it still looks like new. I take care of my reels, but they take the daily dunk in the river, sat down on the bank, etc etc...usual stuff. Tough reel, light weight, and will compliment the Abel nippers nicely.
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