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Default Re: 7 weights....why no love?

When you look at the old fiberglass short rods up to 7.5 feet in length they were on average a 6 wt and used primarily in tight stream fishing scenarios because of their short length. Over time improvements in resins and wrapping materials has now made the former small creek rod into a small steel header with lengths of 10 feet or more.

The new 6 wts can handle a wide range of hook sizes, wind and all types of weather and fishing conditions that it has become the upper size range of trout rods able to land fish in the plus 30 inch lengths. The next step seems to now by pass the 7 wt rods and go directly on an 8 wt option as the option to fish for the larger trophies in both fresh and salt water and in warm waters where you want to land the fish in as short a period of time to reduce the lactic build up for a safer release.

It is conceivable that the 6 wt could eventually be replaced by 5 wts or even lighter sizes should improvements continue to be made in both resin and wrapping materials.

If this happens, then the current 6 wt rods could follow the same drop in popularity as the 7 wts are now experiencing.
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