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Default Re: Drying motor question.

OK, that makes plenty sense about the motor speed. And thank you Dan for the very descriptive post. I figure the more I can build, equipment wise, the happier I will be (hey, sometimes saving $20 is a small victory ). I am pretty good at working with my hands (I am an industrial fabricator by trade) so building simple things, like the rod wrap station and such should pose no problem. And thankfully a simple Google search turns up a slew of pictures and posts that have given me all I need to know to build the simple wrapping station. Even the rod dryer should pose little problem, and now I know speed does not matter TOO much I think I am ready to grab me something off ebay, or perhaps see if one of the rod building suppliers online can provide a nice cheap motor.

In the end I figured this might be the best thing for me in the long run. I think I came into this with a baitacster/spincaster frame of mind in that over the years I have only "needed" 2 or 3 rods to chuck big lures out there. But now I am delving more into the flycasting world I am seeing how 2 or 3 rods may work OK, but that having more to fit certain situations is probably going to be the norm. And as you say, Dan, the thought of being able to customize and eventually build high quality rods to my own standards for potentially less or equal financial outlay than for a maker built rod holds a high value with me.

I guess the moral of the story is, for many years in mechanical/warmwater fishing I lived by "the fish is everything" mentality whereas flyfishing you are buying more into something that is a lifestyle than just about catching the fish.
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