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Good morning, hunting season is over cept for coyotes so it is back to oogling the fly fishing forum for me haha. My wife and I have cemented our decision for our late July move to Montana-Missoula it is! I am in all reality a dry fly lover, and am looking for a high quality, less than top of the line cost outfit in 4 weight. I am thinking the Lamson Konic-2 for my reel, and am trying to nail down a good rod. I am thinking something along the lines of >$200 Any suggestions? I have a 8'6" 5# that I will use for nymphing/streamers etc, and in all honest I have figured out how to present dries pretty well with it, but I just want a nice #4 that I think might be juuust enough to make a difference on some nice Montana trout The Lefty Kreh Finesse Series 8'9" 4# was looking pretty nice, although I think I would prefer a 9' or better. Thanks for the heads up!
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