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Default Re: Beaver Lake Tailwaters

Originally Posted by ja501 View Post
I have never fished it but would love to try it. Are there places to wade? Have you tried tying some flies that are just a little different than main stream productions? Sometimes just a little difference is all it takes.

There are places to wade when the generators aren't running. Near the dam and also down around Parkers bend are the easiest places to wade. I've tried a few off the wall flies that have yeilded a fish or two but nothing consistant. Most successfull for me is throwing olive wooly downstream and stripping back up. Beatiful river...catching fish is often a challenge (for me anyway)

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Originally Posted by jcw355 View Post
The only time I fished there that water was really clear. I caught a couple on an olive wooly bugger but those conditions would require smaller and probably longer tippet.
Olive wooly seems to be the way to go...Nymphing is hard to do without 7x tippet.
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