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When I lived in Iowa City a long long time ago we fished on the Iowa River. Most of my fishing was below the dam in Iowa City, near the University and below the dam in Coralville. We did not fly fish but we did catch a lot of Northern Pike and a few Walleye Pike on jigs. I would think that a fly rod would produce similar results if the fish are still present. As I remember the dam in Iowa City was the first dam on the Iowa River between Iowa City and the Mississippi river and we caught more fish there. This site was about three blocks from my laboratory and I would take my catch home on my 65cc Honda.

There were lots of carp at the Iowa City, Burlington Av, site. The carp might provide great sport and I can remember Mennonites with burlap bags of carp so full that it took two men to get them up the bank. The carp were smoked in old refrigerators with porcelain interiors and said to be a delicacy.

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