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Cool after much decision...echo I went

Bouncing back and forth between going with an 8 weight single hander or switch and I went switch. Specifically, I went Echo SR in 6 weight and 10` 10" guise. So, having entered the two handed world, I am trying to understand what I need to purchase to line it. I'm used to backing, floating line, leader and then fly. I've looked at Rios chart for this rod and damn if I cannot understand a single thing there. I am a novice caster and prefer to feel the rod load so I am assuming that I am looking at the 'B' column but the numbers confuse me. I believe that Scandi is for lighter flies and Skagit is for larger streamers. I am looking to be able to throw to many different fish but will focus on what I can snag up here in the tidal Potomac but also go out with me on a planned trip into Canada to chase Salmon, steelhead or 10+ pound browns. I chose the 6 weight with the idea that it would be roughly equivalent to an 8 or 9 weight single hander.

I'm a blank slate here so if one casting style or line style sounds better, I am willing to put out the effort and time to get there. So, educate me because I am lost here.
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