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Default Re: How much would you make tying flies?

Don't expect to make any money from flies,I found that by the time I got all my supplies bought and got my flies to the quality that I could sell them,I spent almost 2 years selling flies just to break even.I still do tie and sell flies but now I just do it as kinda a favor to my fishing buddies and 1 fly shop,I will give you a example of the $ I made last month from tieing,I had to tie 6 doz wolley buggers and 3 doz mickey finns,both easy and fast to tie,I was getting about 8 flies a hour,in total about 22 hrs of tieing,I charged $130 for the entire order,not a bad price, but i spent over 85$ on supplies and missed a 2 day spring fishing trip!!IMHO if you want to make $ from the flyfishing industry study trout,the wilderness take survival lessions and wilderness first aid perfect your own fishing skills then get a fly shop to put you through a extensive guiding course in turn for guiding servaces,this may take years to do but If you think guiding is your thing then it's worth it.Keep in mind guiding in alberta (you are in calgary right)means some pretty stiff compition as guides come from all over n.america to guide in the foothills and on the bow and most of these guy's have been at it for years,and are absolute experts in all area's of survival,entamoligy,and flyfishing,with the people skills also!!I'm not saying it's impossable to make a liveing from it but it takes years (or at least it took me that long)then found out guiding was not for me!
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