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Default Re: Craft fur for Clousers?

Originally Posted by theboz View Post
I pay $4.95 for large great quality bucktails at both the Orvis shop near me and the other guy! Any color that I need! The guy at the Orvis shop has been calling me the"Bucktail" guy for years cause most of his customers buy small pieces for trout patterns and I guess he doesn't have many SW customers .
Just a note Ive found recently that Antron Fibers make a really cool looking Clouser that looks very real and has a ton of action . Been tying small Tan over White with bead chain eyes and they look and act super baitfish like!
And that deal that Rip posted at Cabelas is incredible Im going at the end of the week and will have to check it out!
I didn't even think about the Orvis store. One of them opened in my city recently. I'll have to check it out.
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