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Default Re: after much decision...echo I went

Originally Posted by derelict View Post
Thanks for the input. Echo lists a few different line options so I dropped them an email asking what they specifically list for the rod and what I specifically want to go for.

Im still trying to understand the different line types. I am thinking that I might actually want to go Scandi line over Skagit, but Im not sure. I am also trying to understand what I will have to buy, line wise. Backing, floating line, shooting head, leader? Or, _____?
Well, I started with Skagit simply because I thought...maybe rightly, maybe wrongly...that there would be less strain on me physically (shoulder problems); and I also thought that sustained anchor would allow me a better path to other styles of spey casting while simultaneously allowing me to fish at distance pretty early on.


After all of that, you just need to realize that a Scandi head (or Skagit) is just the first 30' (more or less) of a weight forward flyline. The running line...roughly equal to the last 60' of a weight forward flyline(100' in reality) simply sold separately.

Scandi does real well presenting and swinging surface and subsurface and lighter weight flies.

Skagit can fling some truly heavy stuff and make it look and feel "right." And in a pinch can present surface stuff albeit with less delicacy than Scandi.

If you go Scandi you may not need or want to buy tips. But you will need a leader and tippit material just as with a SH flyline.

Nowadays, with both the heads and the running line attached to each other by welded loops and changing heads being so quick and easy, spey fisherman have head wallets carrying both Skagit and Scandi heads and tip wallets carrying a variety of sinking tips. Wallets instead of extra spools.

And of course you'll need backing.

So...backing, running line, head, leader, and tippit.

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