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Default Brian's one a month challenge.

So being in the beginning stages of the art of fly tying I decided to try and challenge myself. I figure the best way to become better at fly tying is to actually do it, and do it by trying as many methods as possible. So I came up with the idea of challenging myself to try and tie at least one new pattern a month. The patterns may be easy. They may be complex (eventually). I may even make a fool of myself for your simple entertainment. This will be a running thread where, hopefully, each month you will see the results of my attempt to tie a new pattern for myself. I intend to try out a format in which I will list the history of the pattern (if possible) and the materials, not so much for your benefit (since I am sure this is all old hat to you folks) but sort of as my "test answer" to show I am actually learning not just about the methods of tying, but where the patterns come/came from themselves.

So, let the fun begin with this first pattern of my personal challenge.......

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Feb. 2013

The Mickey Finn!


It is believed this pattern was first tied by Quebec fly tier Charles Langevin, some time in the 19th century. First known as the "Langevin" it was later changed to "The assassin". As it's popularity took hold it became a go-to pattern, even though it's colors don't mimic anything in nature. It's fish catching reputation so enamored Canadian writer/fisherman Greg Clark to proclaim it was as effective as a "Mickey Finn", a popular drink that was rumored to contain a drug of some sort that left the drinker quickly out like a light (and is supposedly the cause of Rudolph Valentino's death). The new name stuck as Clark wrote about it many times in the 30's. As a streamer pattern it is supposed to mimic a baitfish.

materials I used
Hook: 2x streamer, size 8 (down turned eye)
Thread: Red 6/0 uni, black 8/0 uni (I did not have any 6/0 black on hand at the moment.)
Body: silver tinsel (I know, it looks gold in the pictures for some reason)
Wing: Yellow and Red bucktail

Click the image to open in full size.

Overall it took longer than I care to admit to tie this one. The first attempt I did not like as I tied the wing in too far back giving a too large head. I also need to get some 4x long streamer hooks since I want it longer, but as of right now I only had the 2x long. Next tie I need to work more at making a neater head. It looks OK in this picture, but could be better....yes, I am picky like that.
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