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Default Re: Brian's one a month challenge.

Originally Posted by flytire View Post
well i have some flies that i'm sure google and you tube + the majority of tyers have never even heard about but thats an article for my blog

additional mickey finn history

The Mickey Finn fly has proven its success over seven decades - Columns - Cape Breton Post

The Mysterious Long Life Span of the Mickey Finn | Field & Stream

Intriguing tale behind how Mickey Finn fly got its name - Columns - Cape Breton Post
Thanks for the links flytire! I did read the F&S article while doing the background research, but not the others. Some good stuff there!

Originally Posted by Pocono
That's a good first tie!

Nice, too, that you're researching the history of the patterns that you tie up; I think it adds a lot to the enjoyment of both tying and fishing them.

A smooth thread base is the key to getting your foil body to lie nice and flat when the wraps are butted together. Leave a little space just behind the eye of the hook (about and eye-width) when you start your thread; it helps with minimalizing thread build up when you're adding materials like bucktail and it helps smooth and shape the head. Ideally, you'd like to finish the pattern; all materials tyed in, with a slightly undersized head, then build it up, as needed, with additional thread wraps to get the size and proportion that you want. Don't forget that head cement adds to the overall perceived bulk of the head.

Looking forward to your next month's installment..................any hints.........??

Some good tips, I appreciate it! The hardest time I was having was getting the hair to lay just right. I know you don't want it shooting up at a 45 degree angle, but I was having a hard time getting it to stop laying flat against the shaft. And I didn't even think about even under wraps causing problem with the foil. After I had wound back I just did a quick rough wind forward, now I see how that can cause problems. I think I will head to the fly shop today or maybe next week and pick up some 4x long streamer hooks, maybe in a couple other sizes too, just to add to the box. These should make for great panfish flies.

And while at the shop I will grab some more stuff for next months attempt. You want a hint? Well, let's just say it is another streamer that I have used to nail bluegills with ease. You could say this streamer could be comfortable wearing either a crown or holding a set of reigns.
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