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Default Re: Knot Sense - By Ric McNulty

Good list Ric. I find myself using fewer knots as time goes on. My list:

I use a hemostat Uni (or Duncan Loop) for a versatile fly-tippet loop, fly tippet knot, and I can even Snell it directly to the hook shaft for dry control. I also can use opposing Uni knots to build a leader faster than any other system.

I was using a nail knot for line to leader but have switched to the Zap-a-gap junction, because it slips even nicer through my tip top and no hinging or snagging like a loop-to-loop.

I have been using a tippet ring instead of loop-to loop at the leader-tippet junction which snags less, is great for a dropper tie off, can join markedly different diameter tippet, and is easily locatable on my reel. Once again the hemo-Uni is a fast and reliable way to tie to the ring.

I'll admit I do like the Davy knot for the quickest terminal knot, but even so, I'm down to two knots...and I was a Boy Scout!!!
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