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Default Re: 2013 5-Weight Shootout - The Preview

I still have a very hard time taking a shootout seriously that is being conducted by a group of individuals whom would allow personal issues with a company to dictate poor shootout results as they so blatantly do with Scott Fly Rods.

Not to mention, most of the things that rate these rods are so subjective that it is really quite unrealistic to even name a "winner", but that is what it is and does add some "fun" to it.

Bottom line, it's marketing hype to get their name out there and nothing more in my opinion, but some of the info they provide I do admit is very interesting. I do respect the great idea they had to get their name out there, I guarantee they make a lot of money because of these things.

For example: marking a rod down for having bad swing weight, well many types of fishing may require that rod with the heavier swing weight "stronger tip" and therefore deducting from that rods score due to that is not really giving anyone a real World opinion of how that rod will work for them. You ask me, it's a great way to make marketing actually deter from better fly rod design, you simply can't rate rods on the scale they are, way too many variables. Yet you know because so many people will blindly follow these things, it will in the end effect fly rod design.

I guess in a nutshell I think they should do more to show people just how inaccurate their way of judging rods COULD be, depending on what they want out of a fly rod.

The way they rate a rod, would be similar to rating automobiles and ranking a Chevy Tahoe above a Corvette or vice-verse...

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