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Default Re: Fly Fishing Backpack

Originally Posted by mattwolf View Post
I am looking for a nice fishing backpack. I will be using it for overnight fly fishing trips in the mountains of Central/Northern PA. It will be used for packing my vest, waders, wading boots, rod, and maybe a change of clothes. When I am fishing I will be using to to hold my hiking boots. If possible I would also need to strap a sleeping bag on it as well. I like the Sage Typhoon backpack. I am also looking at the Simms Dry Creek Guide backpack. If anyone has any information on fly fishing backpacks please let me know.

Thank you,
Hey Matt,

I have used a number of packs over time but I have never used a fly fishing pack for backpacking!

I find it interesting that this is all you need to do an overnight backpacking tripÖmaybe a sleeping bag and maybe extra clothing??

I thought I roughed it but when you say perhaps a sleeping bag, no tent/bivy or tarp, no food, no way to cook food, no pad, no maps/books or navigation, maybe extra clothing and thatís just off the top of my head, now thatís roughing it.

Youíre a lot more hardcore then I ever was, are you playing survivor?

I guess overnight backpacking is relativeÖ 1 day or 10 days, half mile or 50 miles, packing into a yurt or sleeping in a snow caveÖ

Some of these items could be overlooked depending on certain factors like mentioned above, I donít claim to know backpacking in PA but I have done my fair share here in these parts. I only imagine it sucks to have rain, no tent, no sleeping bag, no extra cloths and the combination of it all is probably pretty miserable while trying to sleep overnight.
This is a good way to put the kibosh on a well deserved week or weekend trip.

Anyways I guess what I am getting at is while that Simms Dry Creek Guide backpack looks pretty sweet and could very likely do the job my suggestion is to open up the options beyond the fishing aspect and get a pack that will carry what you need, while also serving your needs.

One with a detachable top pouch that works as a fanny pack is what I have used in the past so I can leave all my goods at camp and then have the fanny pack for carrying my fishing supplies, while fishing.

I donít know all fishing packs that are out there but Iím referring to something in the 3500+ cubic inch range, which that Simms is in that ball park! Maybe there are others that have branded as ďfishingĒ packs in that size range but I think my fishing pack is closer to 1100 CI and itís pretty full just for a day on the river, without any camping necessities.

Packing around any large pack with or without anything in it for a full day or weekend of fishing doesnít sound attractive to me and while your pack may be waterproof if everything else is wet that doesnít sound very nice either.
I guess I would suggest a rain jacket while Iím at it.

You can strap rods, sleeping bags, pads or boots on just about any pack.

Take it for what itís worth you know your situation a whole lot better than I do, but I just thought I would throw that out there in case it helps you or opens up your options.
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