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Default Re: Brian's one a month challenge.

Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
Sounds like we could be looking at a Royal Coachman shortly.................. Not a particularly easy tie with the herl, the feather wings and the hackle. Check out some of s. fontinalis's posts; you'll find some nice RCs in them.
Yup, I have been looking to make up some royal coachmen since they work so well for me with the bluegills where I fish. The pattern I like most will be using craft fur (or maybe real hair....not 100% sure yet) instead of the feather, though I may tie some with feather wings too just for the challenge.

So far I tied 3 of the Mickey Finn's. And indeed they are nothing to write home about. I had planned on tying a bunch more, but really only once I get to the fly shop and pick up some 4x long streamer hooks. The 2x look OK, but I like the looks of them longer. Besides, I need some for the royal coachmen anyway. The way I figure it I will use the whole month to tie the same pattern so I can best get a grip on it. That is why the plan is at least one pattern a month. I figure a whole month dedicated to one pattern, even if I can make just several to get it down pat, but more if need be. Some patterns I don't expect to take much at all.....there are several chironomid patterns that look neat and simple it is crazy. But there are also a bunch of more complex patterns that could take me well into a couple/few dozen to get right. As it is I am not looking forward to dry flies and all the "fun" working with hackles should provide.
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