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Default Re: Brian's one a month challenge.

Originally Posted by flytire View Post

i hope this doesnt sound too critical but after seeing the photo of the fly you tied (i couldnt see it on my work computer since our security department blocks some photos) i think you should have used a rib of oval tinsel. its whats called for in the published recipes for this fly. i would also eliminate the red tag at the bend.

practice that tinsel work on the body and try to eliminate the gaps

i know that tyers always deviate from the published recipes of fly patterns but following recipes is a good way to learn about patterns.

overall its a decent tied fly
No problem, I can take criticism well.

The main pattern I used for this came from here:

How to tie: Mickey Finn , Fly Pattern, Streamers, Tying Instruction, Recipe, Fly Fishing

I used this one because I kinda liked the red tag on the end, but I can see how in the grand scheme it does not seem to add a whole lot to the pattern. Also, I did not have any oval rib on hand, so this one was a bonus. I actually had a bit of pattern overload when I googled it as it gave me endless pages to choose from. But since I need to hit the fly shop for hooks and other odds and ends then I can grab some oval wire while I am there.

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One other thing.....maybe I am missing something, but the pattern calls for bucktail, which I am using, but the vast majority of images I see show the hair being pretty straight. My hair, as you can see, is all wavy. Am I picking from the wrong parts of the tail (if that is possible) or is it something else? I do stack the hair to get it even, but that does not help the wavy nature of the hair.
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