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Originally Posted by delopez View Post
I have been trying and trying for carp with no luck... using backstabbers and crayfish flies. I'm using an 8 weight, furrelled leader, and tippet that is 20lb flouro to 12lb flouro. The line is an SA mastery textered magnum taper. But, I'm mostly blind fishing the carp. I have yet to land one... However, the water temp is very cold... Any tips, tricks, etc?
My carp setup is a 10' 7 wt using a SA supra WF line. I go down to 8lb flouro and use a 10' leader. Blind fishing carp on the fly is tough, I've gotten a few that way but the vast majority I sight fish. Backstabbers and cray patterns are good choices but don't forget about the ever reliable woolybugger (black and olive). Another good pattern is a big honkin stonefly nymph, size 8 or 6.

I try and put my fly about 4 or 5 ft in front of them and most of the time they'll go right to it. If not then i give it a 1 inch twitch when they're about a foot away. I don't fish for them in cold water as they're usually in the deeper pools, but I would slow everything way down and just crawl the fly on the bottom.
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