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Default Re: Need help: Strategy session for very weedy local pond/lake

Ha! That's a good point about safety... But honestly, I feel pretty comfortable in most parts of Atlanta, and this one is relatively safe. I've seen a two other "locals" on the bank with their 5 gallon buckets and we'll gab a little bit (I'm a man of the people...)

Anyways, yall thanks for the great advice! The pattern I threw most of yesterday was an olive and white bendback, actually (failed to mention that...). Maybe I just need to try harder!

And just to clarify, all the weeds are sub-surface, growing to within about 1-2 ft of the surface in most placed.

I'll get some senkos and maybe try tossing out some worms on conventional tackle and see what happens.

It is colder (45-50) with a light rain today--any suggestions on swapping tactics? Thanks again this has been great!
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