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Default Need MT trip advise!

What's up all. Spring is starting to show here in MN and we're getting all the fishing gear ready to go. A couple of fly fishing buddies and I are talking about an early fall MT trip. I have fly fished many, many days in NY and SE MN. We are all outdoorsmen with great respect for the wild and the resources God has provided us. We'd like to fish 3 days. None of us have fished in MT and would truely appreciate some suggestions for a good tent camping site on a fishable river, stream or crik. We like solitude and are not scared of technical fishing. One of us is fairly inexperienced with a fly rod so I'd hate to get him into ultra technical fishing that may turn him off. We'll be wading all 3 days.

I'd be happy to provide any info I can on SE MN and W NY trout water in exchange for some MT guidance. We are not looking for honey holes, just want to have an enjoyable experience on our first MT fly fishing trip.

If you prefer to email you can, thrownflies at hotmail.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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