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Default Re: I am now a total believer in there is such a thing as 'Dumb Stupid Luck.'

Originally Posted by stuie675 View Post
I hope you are joking. This country and people wanting to sue for everything annoys the hell out of me.

I have never had this type of issue, though I dont smoke I have not chewed tobacco leaves for about 3 years now and glad I stopped.
Of course I was kidding.

But let me say this: Like most everything folks form opinions on, they are shaped by what we read, see on TV, or (more rare) firsthand knowledge. In my real life, when I am not guiding, I am a court reporter, so, as you can image, I see a lot of cases that have no merit (the ones you read about in the paper), but I also see a ton of cases where not only was there negligence that merits a lawsuit, but the reason there was negligence was because the defendants in question didn't give a darn about dangerous conditions or didn't want to spend the money to fix the condition. Can't tell you how many cases of surgical instruments left inside the body I've had over the years, how many wrong limbs cut off (even when personnel write with a Sharpie on the limb that is not to be amputated). A little research online about the dozens of unnessary heart surgeries that were perfomed in Redding, CA for the surgeons' financial gain is enlightening. I could tell you stories of physicians and/or dentists molesting patients (and witnessed but not reported by staff), not to mention the numerous cases of clergy molestations I've reported. All I'm saying is, like in most of life, generalizations are not helpful in the legal arena either. There are, obviously, unscrupulous attorneys out there, but, regardless of what you may read, it's no different than the unscrupulous folks in other professions. Don't even get me started on politicians - I've rambled on long enough.
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