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Default Re: Pyramid Lake.... any suggestions?

When fishing pyramid there are three main flies you need, ice cream cone midge, beatles, and for streamers, woolly buggers are fine. If you tie, all of those are pretty simple. Depending on the day any one of those might be working better than the other. Don't be afraid to add some split shot when using the nymphs though. .

As for the ladder just take any small 3-6 foot ladder, having one that sticks out of the water is nice because you can rest equipment on the top and also lean against it when the fishing gets slow and you start getting tired from being up there so long. Metal is better because I have had a wooden one float away from me before. When you're out there fishing you'll know where to put your ladder because there is a very noticeable difference in water color with depth.

Any weight rod between 5-8 will be fine, but 6 and above would be better so you could also strip those bigger flies with sink tips with more comfort, not to mention fight those monster fish that you could very easily hook into out there. Also, bring a stripping basket if you plan on throwing beetles and buggers, very frustrating to loose a fish because your line gets wrapped up on the ladder.

Although you can usually count on picking up a fish or two no matter the weather, it can really get hot when the wind starts blowing, especially from the north. When the wind picks up the fish feel much more comfortable coming closer to the shore and you might even look down and see a few cruising the flats. One more tip, if you see someone down the line hook up make sure your line is in the water, the fish often move in waves up and down the beaches resulting in sometimes spotty but good fishing.

The Orvis Store in Reno is a great shop and there's some good guys working there who can probably help you out with some more recent advice when you get there. Hope my post helps, good luck and I hope you catch some cutties.

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