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Originally Posted by delopez View Post
Nice! I have an 8 weight Access rod that I use, myself. I do have another curious question though. Do any of your catch them on the swing at all?
Never fished a river for carp. I've caught all my carp stripping flies though.

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Originally Posted by john montana View Post
That is a big key point Delopez. I've caught carp in 7 states, and every single fishery was notably different. While a lot of flies will work in a lot of places (carp can and do eat just about anything) there really is no magic fly for all locations. That said...there is probably a magic or go to fly for your location. You just have to figure out the main forage and go from there in my opinion. Out here, I catch about 80% of my carp on this:

Click the image to open in full size.

I think the worm tail is often taken for the extended foot of a clam. I caught this big guy on the fly above:

Click the image to open in full size.

Good luck'll get 'em this spring!
That fly kills. I use one exactly like it with orange sparkle for the majority of my carp fishing.
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