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Arrow UV Dubbing on Attractor Nymphs?

Anyone else use straight UV dubbing on attractor nymphs?

I always hear people talk about mixing UV dubbing in with regular dubbing so it doesn't startle fish, but personally I've found they work better without mixing. I always put on one attractor nymph and one natural more imitative nymph, but probably 80% of fish are caught on the attractors. Why? Who knows.

One of my most productive attractor nymphs is what is essentially a Walt's Worm, but I use Hareline's Brown UV Ice Dub (which is actually mostly purple).

Another one of my favorites is this fly I've included a pic of, which is basically a Czech Nymph, but ribbed with copper wire and dubbed with Hareline Shrimp Pink UV Ice Dub, Red UV Ice Dub, and Spikey Natural Squirrel Dubbing, with orange scud back. I haven't named it, but I guess it would be Bob's Attractor Nymph? Hahah, very original, I know.

Click the image to open in full size.

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