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This one was caught on a 6 wt with a 300 grain shooting head. A 2/0 Clouser tied to imitate a blue back herring did the trick. It was caught in a soft backwater of the upper Hudson River, where large carp will congregate to feed in early spring. They generally are large enough to inhale good size offerings. I generally will fish a baitfish pattern or crayfish slowly on the bottom. Direct contrast to other rivers where I 've used chironomid and midge larvae patterns with a 3 wt. and long leaders, as if they were fussy trout. I've spent a few decades chasing them on the fly, only recently have I had more than a rare few that appreciated them. I do love getting them on dries the best, whether it's mulberries, cottonseeds, or beetle patterns or more rarely, a hatch. I've caught them imitating quite a few aquatic organisms, but clams has'nt been one. Most common and productive for me are crayfish imitations. I hope to try some clams when visiting Lake Isabella in Calif.; it's fly of choice there. As I chase steel and salmon and salt species, I have no illusions that carp outfight other fish- they do hold their own and large ones, usually will present great challenges in stealth and presentation. Good thread, I hope there is a section started for carp specifically.

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