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Default Spring fed pond with stocked trout?

There is a spring fed pond on campus that has stocked trout in it. I tried fishing it with a 5 weight using streamers and have about 8 feet of 4 lbs fluorocarbon as a leader. I didn't catch anything but there were a couple of guys that were catching several with 1 about 5 lbs. Right before I left I talked to a guy that said that he fly fishes a bunch and even teaches a couple of fly tying classes at the. He told me that it's very difficult to catch any trout in there. He started fishing with wax worms and the other guys were using minnows and dough bait. I'm just wondering if anyone would have some advice on how to catch them this time of year. Oh and you could see about 3-4 feet deep into the water. Thanks for any advice.
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