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Originally Posted by popperfly View Post
Lawless was a great movie!! not to far from the truth back in the days.
yes Popperfly its a great Movie , Based on true Story.

I can well imagine it not being far from the truth. I dare say I will watch it again.

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Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
My Grandfather, Mitchell French was renowned moonshine maker. My daddy and uncles and older brothers ran the stuff. The feds searched out house many times. Now, I was the youngest of the youngest kid of grandpaws,,so ,,,I'm the only boy in the clan to NOT work an active moonshine still.

Grandpaw shot a revenuer one time,,,didn't kill him,,gut shot him. Defended himself in court down here and got out of it. Momma hid moonshine under my brothers baby blankets when he was little on one search and the Feds never checked there.

Nope, moonshine ain't no stranger to me,,or me to it. But I never drank much,,,just too damn powerful if made right. I'm a sissy,,,being more of a Jim Beam feller myself.

some History there Fly_guy , have you watched the Movie? I dare say it would bring back a few memories back.
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