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Default Fly Line HELP!

Hello All!
Just got into fly fishing about a year ago and can't seem to stay away from it. Being from St. Louis I have recently gotten into trout fishing during the colder months of the year, considering all of the awesome trout opportunities within a two hours drive of my home, desptite the fact of being skunked on every outting so far. Anyway my current outfit is a 5wt cabela's three forks/prestige plus combo. The reel came pre spooled with line and backing and am looking to make an upgrade somewhere. Line first, even though a rod and reel looks cooler, the tip is starting to sink even if after I put dry fly floatant on it. However I dont really have any idea what type of line is best for me. I am a begginer when it comes to casting, I can get a decent amout of line out, accuracy is ok (I can probably hit within 6 feet of my target). But seeing as how I use this outfit for trout, bass, and pan fish, I dont know what would be the best. I know some will say buy an 8wt and a 3wt yada yada, but the truth is I've never caught anything here in the midwest that my 5wt wasnt enough for, so when I upgrade both, I'll probably just get an Echo Carbon Rod with a Lamson Konic reel, both in a 5wt. But the main question here is what type of line would be the best for me? A fisherman of all types of species, and none usually over 3lbs.
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