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Default Re: How to tie small bucktail flies?

Wow - very helpful ideas here! Thank you!

It appears that bucktail isn't ideal for smaller "bucktail streamer" type flies. I'll look into calf tail and craft hair for sure. It sounds like fox tail and badger hair work well too. Very cool. Basically, I like smaller minnow patterns (like what you'd tied on a #8 or #10 streamer hook) on the fish around here (bass, sunfish, crappie, yellow perch, catfish, etc.) and was having trouble using regular bucktail -- that's all.

Are "bonefish flies" tied with calftail and material like this because the wing is typically shorter than what you'd get with bucktail?....just like what I'm going for? I've never tied bonefish flies and am not familiar with them.

Thank you again!
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