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Default Minute of Your Time

I'm a college student studying entrepreneurship, and and I am doing some research for a potential product, if some of you would be so kind and take some time and reply with honest answers, it would be greatly appreciated by a young outdoors entrepreneur.

The product that I have in mind is a rod rack, similar to Sumo Rod Racks( Sumo Magnet | RODMOUNTS ), would be mounted on the hood of your car. The Sumo racks are quite expensive, around $150, and I have a feeling that more fisherman would be able to use a great tool like this if it were significantly less expensive. The questions for I have for my fellow fisherman are these.

1. What are your concerns with racks like these. Safety, cost, quality, or all of the above?

2. If the product was significantly less expensive, say $70-80, would you be more willing to purchase and use something like this.

3. Similar to the first question, what would be your most important criteria when buying something like this, would it be cost quality or safety, an act as if you had to chose one, not all of the above.

4. Would you be more apt to buy something like this in a fly shop or online, or does it not matter.

Thank you in advance for any responses I do receive, and please, if you are responding, do not hesitate to be brutally honest.

Thanks for all your help,

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