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Default Re: Minute of Your Time

Originally Posted by dakotakid View Post

I'm in the group that probably wouldn't buy or use an exterior rack regardless of cost or quality.

Just curious, do you have a product improvement in mind? Also, do you know the current demand for exterior fly rod racks? I'm guessing the demand will remain low regardless of cost or quality.

This is an interesting excercise.
A niche market for sure, but I am hypothesizing that by dropping the price, the market may become a little bigger, Interesting exercise for sure, but as an entrepreneurship major, a valuable one.

I really appreciate everyone's responses, and for giving me some food for thought and ideas.

This is absolutely more of a convenience, niche than a necessary item, which is why I feel as if making it less expensive would open up more people to be able to purchase one if they felt it would save them some time.

Thanks again,

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