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Default Re: How to tie small bucktail flies?

I have a deep freezer and tend to keep most of my hair and feathers in there. I figure that will either kill, or at least "slow down" the spread of parasites.

I have found funky brown little critters in some bucktail (collected from Missouri) but they appear to be dead.....I put it back in the freezer anyway just in case.

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About the use of bucktail -- I probably should have said "how do I tie smallish streamer flies that are somewhat similar to a bucktail streamer?"

I'm not set on using bucktail, but I do tend to use lighter colored streamers to imitate the minnow species around here. They tend to be whitish/brown bi-colored (light below, dark above - typical of bait fish). I'm going to really look into some of these alternate materials when I hit the fly shop this weekend .

I never go into the fly shop without spending at least $10. That's a rule for me. .
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