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Default Re: Setup for a trip to Chile & Uruguay

Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
Allen: Welcome to the forum! I can't help with the information you are looking for, but it sounds like an awesome trip, do you need someone to carry your luggage?

I'd take a 5 wt with a WF floating line for the small trout water. If I knew the area was windy I'd bump that to a 6 wt. The 8 wt will do nicely for the larger water, especially in the wind and as you suggested a WF floating line and a sink tip or Rio Riomax II Verisitip as suggested. I wouldn't bother with a full sinking line unless you plan on doing some stillwater fishing and you're dredging the depths. When I'm throwing streamers I like a floating line with weighted streamers and a sink tip line for unweighted streamers, so plan on taking both. If you could find an outfitter online that could offer some direction in the way of fly selection that would be a big help.
Thanks Larry
Good advice... want to be armed with as much knowledge as I can muster up.

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Originally Posted by jsquires View Post
I'm not jealous - I'm not. I mean you're only going to some of the best fly fishing waters in the world, a place with friendly people, great wine, great food, you will be able to buy Cuban cigars. What is there to be jealous of?
I hear great things about the country and people, even more importantly the wine and food! top that off with great fishing and amazing scenery, I might not come back...
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