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Default Re: Winter fishing, could use some help

Originally Posted by romanl View Post
so i've made my move from CA to CO 2 weeks ago. and already got a chance to fish 2 days
1 yesterday in South Platte River (Deckers/Trumbull area) and 1 last weekend up in Blue River in Silverthorne

SouthPlatte River was a nice warm 30-35F day. (there was alot of ice melt flow, so that was often in a way of a good cast)
Silverthrone was 20 w/out any sun and windy, so i was frozen.
both days i saw 1 fish in each river (they were huge ) but both days i got no bites.
now i am new to winter fishing, so could be just me
i've been using: Prince Nymph, Hares Ear, WD40's, Brassies, Zebra Midges (diff colors) Copper John's .
what am i doing wrong?? what's the secret?
or is this how things really are in the winter, super slow?

o and while so far i only bought day passes, im waiting for April 1st to get my season pass. (im still out of state so didnt want to drop $59 for few days of fishing in this season) but come APRIL 1st i do hope to get out there every weekend or so, maybe even some afternoons during the week.
so if anyone around Silverthorne (i snowboard up in Keystone alot) or down in Denver wants to let me tag along with you for some fishing, that would be cool
Head to Pueblo. If you're willing to drive the 2 hours to Silverthorne, a trip to Pueblo will be better fishing. The Blue has gotten real technical and the fishing has gotten worse over the years. But it still holds it's fair share of nice fish and is worth a trip if you know where to go and what to use.

For the Blue, stick to midges. Size 20-24. 7x tippet and the smallest indicator you can find. Sight fishing is the way to go, blind casting might net a fish, but it'll be few and far between.'s a little secret...they'll be stocking the Blue again in the will improve for huge brooders and these fish will take pretty much any pattern you put in front of their face...

Sorry I don't have much info on the Platte...I tend to stay away from there.

For Pueblo, midges, mayfly patterns, san juans, eggs...size 16-22 will net you fish. They also stock it quite frequently so you can always catch stockers at Valco Bridge, the Nature Center and City Park.

If you want, you can tag along with me the next time I head up or down. I usually chronicle all my trips in my blog, but I've been too busy and too lazy the last 2 months so I need to do a blog dump in there...but I'm usually on the water at least every other weekend.
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