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Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
TN - if you go to the Abel website and do a search you will find the specs for the pt.5. To me, the pt.5 is too much reel for that rod. It's rated for a 5/6 but I use mine on 4 wt.s and it's fine.

For the rod you have, and if you want an Abel at a "discount" I would suggest a fully ported Abel Super 2. Don't get me wrong, that Big Game "0" I have is awesome and a fine pairing to any small line weight rod. But it's heavy. And it's too heavy for your shorter light weight 3 wt. rod IMO. An even better choice, albeit more expensive, is the Abel Super 3N. I like it more than the Super 2 because it's narrower and taller.

If drag is not important to you on a reel, and this is a personal preference, look hard at the creek/trout models. They're cheaper, they're well built, and they're beautiful. If I was buying an Abel for a short 3 wt. I would look long and hard here. I put my Abel 0 on a short Sage 373 SLT and it was way too heavy to be comfortable for me - and I prefer a heavier reel.

As a side note, gentlemen, there is a line of Abel reels that incorporate a plastic reel handle. It's the Abel Extreme - a lower cost alternative to the original Abel Big Game Series. I think they're ugly.

Thanks Chi, I thought that I saw one of Abel's reel with a drag knob that appeared to have been made of plastic. Thought maybe I was wrong.
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