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Default Re: White River Trip advice

Thanks for the advice. The wife and I are still getting together the rest if the supplies for the trip, so I'll just have to see what kind of budget is left afterwards. Maybe enough for at least a half day trip. I also talked to the guys at Dally's and the Blue Ribbon Fly Shop yesterday and both seemed good with similar prices. I'll have to see. A least I also talked to the guys at the fishing shop at bull shoals park and they seemed very friendly and gave me lots of good advice, so hopefully one of them can point me in the right direction when I get there.

In the mean time, I'm trying to learn fly tying so I'll be tying lots of olive wooly buggers for the trip. I might try to learn some midge patterns or scud patterns too...any other patterns useful on the white river that a novice tyer might be able to learn in a few weeks?
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