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Default Wader Problem

I have a pair of chest waders that I bought along with a magazine subscription. Maybe not a good way to buy waders but what sold me was the fact that at the time they were the only source for waders that would fit me -- short and fat. There was no brand name on the waders. Subsequently a few other manufacturers have put my size on their size chart. Orvis (XL Short), Simms G3 (LKS), Patagonia (XL Short)

The waders fit -- almost! All have the same foot size (9-11). Very few people my size wear a 9 and I don't think anyone wears an 11. I wear an 8. If I stuff the toe with cloth or paper and put on two pair of very heavy socks I can fill the stocking-foot. When I went shopping for wading boots the size boot that fit was a 13 -- HUGE.

Aside from looking silly, I fear that a size 8 foot in a size 13 boot in rushing water on slippery rocks is dangerous.

I want to find someone who can modify the waders by removing the 9-11 stocking-foot and replace it with a 7-9.

Any help will be appreciated.
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