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Default Re: Voodoo, magic or what?

Cost is $184 plus shipping for 1 quart each of the bottom coat and top coat plus hand held sprayers that are resistant to harsh solvents (xylene and accetone).

Abrasion is the biggest enemy of this stuff. Also Natural oils from the skin will cause failure of product.

So for Icing guides I would think it would work good. As far as gloves, it would work good also. But the question for both of these applications is how long will it last? I can see gloves for fishing that have the finger tips removed being problematic. The oils from you skin will cause the coating on the inside to fail faster than the outside. So that if water will start soaking or "pooling" on the inside after awhile. The guides would work great until the abrasion wears it off. I would suspect the abrasion from line on guides would be localized on the bottom of the guides where the line would run as if your fighting a fish. The rest of the guide would still be coated. But I would be concerned that as the ice starts building up on the areas that have had coating worn away it would even start forming over coated areas.

A neat product but as always the devil is in the details. I might give it a try. Gloves would be the first thing I 'd try.
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