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Default Advice on road selection TFOs

Gang, I am in the market for a new fly rod. 90% of my fishing is warm water ponds/rivers/small lakes for big bream. We have small stocker trout in the winter months but they are usually smaller then the big perch I catch, lol.

So I am in the market for a new 2wt rod and was thinking about going with the TFO in either the Professional or Finesse series.

Does anyone have any experience with the two and can you tell me the pros/cons comparing the two?

I was about to buy the finesse model 2wt which I believe was 7'3" long but they were out and the gentleman at basspro said I should get the professional model in a 2wt as they were basically the same and they had that one in stock.

Well I figure if they were basically the same then there wouldn't be the two different models but I don't know.

Looked on TFO's web site and about the only thing I could tell was the professional may have a little more distance (but I don't know how much) and the Finesse has more accurate precision.

I think if the finesse can cast a decent distance and has more "feel" to it I'd prefer it but to be honest I am not so sure the precision is needed perch fishing like it would with trout.

Well there you have my long winded question. Any help is appreciated as I really don't have a clue which one to go with. Price doesn't matter for the difference in price. Already have a reel for it.
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