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Default Multipurpose patterns/sizes for NOT a trout fisherman

Hi - I recently fished the dry river, VA (brook trout) and had a blast. I like that you can use mostly attractor dry patterns and general nymphs and catch those little guys. This is good because I am not an experience trout guy and I don't pay much attention to hatch charts and stuff.

My question: I have tied various sizes of PT nymphs, tiny #18 zebra and blood midges, and brassies - are there some "general" nymph patterns that will tend to work underneath of almost any hatch out there?

I know this depends on the specific water, but that's just the point -- I'm looking for a small list of patterns/sizes to carry in my truck to give me a chance virtually anywhere there are hatches (rainbow and brown, not brookies).

Oh, and most hatch charts I've seen always mention the caddis and mayflies, but rarely the midges. Are they usually concurrent but not mentioned? Are they considered less imporant as a food source? Not as sophisticated? I have these tiny #18 midge nymphs and was wondering when to use them....

Thanks -- I know that's a lot of stuff to throw at you .
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