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Default Re: Advice on road selection TFOs

Originally Posted by comeonavs View Post
I agree, stores like Gander Mt don't have a decent fly rod selection.

Also if you need any sort of distance 45' + a 1 or 2 wt would not fit the bill. Even a 3wt IMO loses effectiveness and some accuracy at 50+ feet. Personally I don't find the ability to get extra distance until I get in to my 4wts.
Yep, know what you mean. I am now rethinking everything and plan to go an cast both and just go with the one that feels the best for me.

After I made my last post I rethought it all. I was thinking 45' wasn't good enough when I was making my post but since then thought the same thing you noted. Probably ain't going to get much more than about 45' out of anything in the 2wt category.

Just got through reading a review of the Orvis Superfine 2wt and they were saying the same thing. About 40 or so feet is about tops.

I think the 1wt and 2wt I fish with now aren't casting as far as I just assumed I was.
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