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Default Re: The Lower Mountain Fork

I will fish below the re-reg dam a few times during November and December, but for the most part I'll park and start fishing right below the tail water dam. I like to fish all the way down to the low bridge and all the way back up. One of my favorite places to fish is at the falls in early summer. If you know how to get there it is some of the best fishing on the Mountain Fork, I caught a very small Pike there last year, maybe 6 inches long. I try to stay away from all the tourist if I can. My grandfather was the president of the Weyerhauser Southern Timberlands Unit along the Kiamichi Range; I have maps that most people don't know exist and access to a lot of private land. There isn't an access point that I don't know about, I think.

Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
Nice fish Goldeneye, but I didn't see any pics from below re-reg dam? Do you ever fish that section? There is an old road that you should explore someday, find a weyerhaeuser logging road map and you can drive right up to the cliff just opposite the restaurant in the park...

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