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Default Re: The Broken Rod Poll; Edited, New Catagory added.

Honestly, I've only broken 2 fly rods. Both were due to stupidity...and while practice casting in my back yard.

The first was a graphite rod. I was retrieving the line from a practice cast when my dog, a rotweiler-shepherd decided she wanted to kill the line. Taking exception to her decision, I tapped her with the rod tip; which, of course snapped.

The second was a bamboo rod. I took it out of the rod case, wiped off a couple beads of moisture, and rigged it. On the second practice cast, something didn't feel right. On the third practice cast, it felt worse. I stopped, looked at the rod and realized that it had absorbed water, and was now separating in a couple locations.

In addition to the 2 broken fly rods, I've broken a few graphite spinning and bait casting rods. The last one just shattered during my first day of casting. Interestingly, I usually fish fiberglass, and yet I've yet to break a single one.
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