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Default Re: Spey weight for largemouth


I'm sure you have way more experience with my on spey rods and I certainly respect your opinion and advice here, but the weight of any rod means more than simply the line it should throw. Heavier weight rods are stiffer than lighter weight rods, regardless of the line they are throwing. A 10/11wt rod (spey or standard) has the backbone built in the fight large fish and be able to muscle them around. If the rod has the capability to turn a very large steelhead, or even a larger saltwater fish (maybe 50+lbs), it will most definitely be FAR too much muscle for bass.

But this is where it sorts out into preference. Some people just want to be able to cast far and hook fish. If this is what you want, then yes I agree that bigger is probably better and with every weight up you will gain distance. If your are someone who likes to undersize rod and cares more for the fight than the number of fish, then going bigger becomes counter productive at whatever point the rod has too much muscle built in for your target species.

I will take one good fight with a bass over 2 bass I pull in skimming across the top any day. With a 10/11 weight spey, a good fight with even a 5lb bass is out of the question. You will be able to cast super far and pull in him and all his buddies, but what is it worth at the end of the day if you might as well have hooked them up to a winch and winded them in.

Like I said, at a certain point this becomes personal preference, at that is what the people at Orvis were getting at when they steered me away. I think most anglers would prefer quality over quantity. This is not true for everyone, however, and I don't fault any angler for the way they like to catch fish. I can just tell you that a 10/11 weight is WAY out of the question for any fishing I'll be doing. I could probably pull the bass, his bed, and all his fry in it to shore with that thing.
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