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Default Fly Clubs

You know what I want to see in a fly club newsletter? You know what I want to hear at a fly club from the outings director? I want to read an article or hear a report on the latest outing that basically says "We slayed them, I mean everyone caught fish."
I belong to several fly clubs, speak at even more, and what I hear and read over and over again is about how good the food was, the great camraderie, but the catching was slow or nonexistent. I mean it's the same thing over and over.
Time to switch fishing venues? I see the outings schedule for a lot of clubs in my area and most go to the same rivers and lakes. If these places are so darn good, where are the good reports?
Are the good fishermen in the club not going on the outings? Too bad if that's the case because those guys possess a lot of good information that could be passed along.
Of course many of you live in areas with much better fishing opportunities, so maybe your experience is different. But I'm wondering if any of you are seeing the "food and camraderie" reports that I'm seeing.
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