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Default Re: Setup for a trip to Chile & Uruguay

Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
My wife and I have fished the Rio Petrohue and the area around Bernardo O'Higgins Park in the Northern Chilean Patagonia region and the Rio Baker, Cochran and others in Southern Chilean Patagonia.

For top water fishing on the Petrohue, a 5 wt. is about as much rod as you need (WF5F line is fine). For streamers, either a 6 wt. or a 7 wt; depending on what you like to swing. The Petrohue is mostly small river; not more than 100 ft across in most places; with a lot of tributaries (like the San Antonio) that are fun to hike up into for smaller trout (take a 3 wt. if you plan to fish the tribs). Rivers like the Baker are larger; 300- 400 ft. across in some stretches. For top water, a 5 wt. still gets the job done very well. For the streamers, a 7 wt. is better.

Frankly, if you take a 5 wt. and a 7 wt. with reels spooled with WFF line and sink tip line, you should be fine. If you're going to stay at a lodge in both places in Chile, they'll have gear that you can rent if what you have doesn't fit the conditions; they'll also have a variety of local flies that work very well on their home waters.

FYI - I've posted threads with pics on out trips to Chile; one that included the Petrohue about 3 years ago, and the other that included the Baker, Cochrane and others last year. You should be able to find them on the forum if you''re interested in seeing the waters in those regions.

Chile is one of the friendliest countries that we've visited in South America; you will have a good time. Don't forget to spend some time in Santiago; it's a great city.

Have fun!

Excellent advice,

Thanks a bunch!!!

My 5 wt is a two piece and doesn't travel well so I'm thinking of bringing my 6wt echo ion and my 8wt TFO BVK. I could likely get by with only the 6wt but I recently built the BVK for the surf and really want to use it on the beaches of Puta del Este Uruguay

I found your post Patagonia on the Fly very informative but the pics have been deleted

Again, thanks for the feedback!!
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