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Default Re: Sage Response With Litespeed Reel

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
Here's my 'SWAG,' you're probably pretty dead on with the 3.5 so add about .25-.33 to that for some shooting line backing and backing. The why of the .25 oz is the rest of the line will be out the tip-top and not a factor in rod balance as you cast/fish.

Just my .02 cents only, but with trout rods I'd like my reel/backing to be about 1.5 oz heavier than the rod weight. And yes, there is a good reason for that.

You've probably got about 1/2 the rod weight in the lower 2 sections, the rest is sitting out there and that's what really needs to be counter balanced.

Your mileage may vary ....
OK, the Litespeed 2 is 3.5 oz. and the Sage Response is 3 5/16 oz. Looks like I would be a little short of reel weight by your measurements. Maybe a rod a little closer to 3 oz?
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