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Default Re: Need some moral advice

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
I used to go to Mexico also. But there is no way I am going back till they get a grip on the cartels. Right now Mexico is a narco-terrorist state. Getting worse by the day. As I said, no border towns, no back street anywhere, and be damn careful. By the way, statistically we are safer than most countries. We have a press that right now is playing up every thing they can. Agenda there as well.
I tend to not go near the shady areas haha but there is also a lot our media misses, KC just at the beginning of the year last year had more homicides in the first two months than most cities have all year. The gang activity in KC, Columbia (middle Missouri) and St. Louis has gotten very bad and a lot of people do not know this, I have yet to see anything on the news about this, even locally.

I know Mexico is bad cartel wise, but like I said Mexico City is really not that bad, or at least they hide it very well. Last time I was down there I went to the accent ruins, forget what they were called, but it was awesome and very beautiful, but having my driver/I guess body guard since the dude is pretty big with me I guess helps, plus he speaks spanish and mine is horrible, so I am sure he keeps me out of the bad areas and would say anything if I was in the mood to explore, but typically my days consist of going to my companies campus, working then coming back and passing out or sitting down at the bar in the building haha

But anyways I will stop thread jacking

Just know the 4000DD is a great reel, no matter where it is made, for the price point you can not beat it. Hardy has what to me seems like great quality control. So I am not sure if they make the reels in Asia and then ship them back to the UK to inspect or what, but I love my DD.
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