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Default Re: How Many Flies Do You Lose In A Outing?

Originally Posted by freeze69
one other thing that you might want to try and you probally have some laying around your house and don't realize it. try some fingernail hardner. check with your mom, girlfriend, or wife. a couple of fly tying videos i've seen are using this. i've started using it on my own flies.gregorykicks might have to contact you the next time i'm down your way. planning a trip down to fayetville, tn. to visit a friend and look at a couple of horses. good luck and tightlines to far as the post goes. on a good day maybe one or two a bad day dang it time to go home and have a cold beer.
yeah i'm pretty sure we have some of that in my house. That probably will work well. Let me know when you're coming to fayetville, that's about an hour from where I live, and if we travel about 30min further to lynchburg (where they make jack daniels of course) there's a pretty good fishing spot on the Elk river just off of Tims Ford dam. I've only fished their once and my friend and we were skunked (along with everyone else) but there is usually good fishing there from what i've heard. I'd be glad to go fishing, as long as i'm not working
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