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Default Re: Odd or even number rods?

Interesting question! I seem to be more of an even kinda guy; I'm usually fishing a 4, but I take out the 2 a good bit for brookies and panfish, and have a 6 I like for billy bigmouths. Every now and then I'll wander to the one local urban pond that isn't infested with joggers and bring the 5'9" glass 3wt for some stunted bream, and even less often I'll try for some LMB in local (jogger-infested) waters with a fast-action 5wt--usually during or immediately after a rainstorm.

But for the most part I gravitate towards a couple of different 4wt rods, or my 2 or my 6. I hadn't really thought about the even/odd aspect before, but I had recognized my tendency towards 4 weights.

In the salt, which I fish irregularly, I use an 8 or a 10, but I've got a 9wt spey blank that's sitting second in the queue for a build that I'm looking forward to trying out.
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